Brittany’s haters were convinced she did something to her body…

Brittany's haters were convinced she did something to her body...


Brittany Mahomes hasn’t publicly discussed the specifics of her choice to undergo lip filler treatments, which hasn’t stopped critics from taking to her social media to express their disapproval of her enhanced pout.


Brittany's haters were convinced she did something to her body...

“Need to cut back on the lip fillers,” one person commented under an Instagram video Brittany posted in 2023, while another stated that she was “so much prettier before all the plastic and fillers.”

However, it appears Brittany hasn’t had any surgical enhancements done to her body, or at least hasn’t admitted to any.

In 2021, Brittany’s social media activity sparked speculation that the NFL WAG had gotten breast augmentation. Under a series of Instagram photos featuring Brittany in a blue two-piece bikini, one user commented,

“Looking like someone got a boob job.” Soon after, Brittany addressed the speculation, explaining that her chest was bigger because she was breastfeeding her first child, Sterling Skye Mahomes.

“Haters will say they are fake, but breastfeeding moms will understand,” she captioned another photo of herself wearing a bathing suit.

Despite her explanations, Brittany’s haters persist in claiming that she has undergone plastic surgery. In another 2023 Instagram post, numerous inappropriate comments alleging breast implants were made. Nonetheless, Brittany seems more focused on naturally enhancing her body.