Exclusive : Celebrity astrologer Susan Miller lays bare her expert predictions for 2024 – revealing whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will REALLY last… and why there’s TROUBLE ahead for Prince Harry…

Exclusive : Celebrity astrologer Susan Miller lays bare her expert predictions for 2024 - revealing whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will REALLY last... and why there's TROUBLE ahead for Prince Harry...


It’s another year, done and dusted. But after you’ve enjoyed your holiday season get ready to strap in because 2024 is going to be quite eventful.


Exclusive : Celebrity astrologer Susan Miller lays bare her expert predictions for 2024 - revealing whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will REALLY last... and why there's TROUBLE ahead for Prince Harry...
FEMAIL has asked renowned astrologist Susan Miller, founder of Astrology Zone, to share her predictions for the coming year, including what’s in store for celebrity A-list couples Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She’s also revealed her thoughts on the U.S. presidential race and important dates people should note if they want a bit of extra luck or good vibes on their side.

Susan believes that wedding bells are on the horizon for 2023’s hottest couple Taylor and Travis. Meanwhile Prince Harry is looking at some difficult years ahead, according to the astrologist, as his relationships will be tested.

Here are Susan’s predictions for 2024.

Pop superstar Taylor and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, who set the internet alight this year, are on track to have an even better 2024.

Susan predicts that marriage is on the cards for the celebrity couple as Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will be in Taylor’s house of marriage ‘for the first time in 12 years.’

‘She’s going to have Gemini (associated with communication and intellect) there, too, the two signs are kind of sharing her house of marriage,’ the astrologist explained to DailyMail.com, just weeks before the close of 2023 on December 13.

‘Jupiter is only seven degrees [at this time]. It has not made it yet into her house of… marriage and commitment, and it will be there in the spring and all next year, because when Jupiter moves into a Gemini, it’s going to stay there. This could be wonderful, what a beautiful bride she’d be.’

Also Travis, being a Libra, is the commitment type as people who are born under his star sign liked to be married, according to Susan.

‘Every Libra I know are so, so good at being married. They’re such good partners,’ she explained.

‘If you ask a Libra, “You wanna come over tomorrow night with your partner and have dinner with me?” Now, most people say, “Sure I’ll tell my wife, or I’ll tell my husband.” No, Libra always says, “let me confer, and I’ll call you back later.”

‘You know they’re very kind. They don’t make decisions without their partner. They love being married.’

Susan also noted that Travis was an air sign and Taylor was born under fire sign Sagittarius.

Now there’s one little obstacle. Sagittarius is known to be the bachelor sign,’ she said.

‘It is the one sign that doesn’t like to commit too quickly, if at all. Travel is extremely important to Sagittarius.

‘The older I get, the more I see it in my Sagittarian friends, it’s like oxygen to them. So if Travis likes to travel, that’ll be perfect. Certainly they’ll have the money.

‘I also like it that he’s successful and she’s successful.’

But with Taylor’s moon being in cancer, Susan declares that the music superstar ‘wants a home.’

According Susan, 2024 will also be a good time for Travis financially after Libras had a ‘little problem with money, and it wasn’t their fault’ in the past year.

‘The universe must have felt guilty because it’s making a correction. This year (2024), he’s gonna do really well financially. And when a man feels solid financially, they tend to be ready for marriage,’ she said.

Another couple who have made headlines this year are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

However their 2024 is looking a bit more challenging, particularly for the Duke of Sussex, according to the renowned astrologist.

Susan warns that Harry and other Virgos like him will have their marriages, or their business partnerships or collaborations tested this coming year.

She also believes that he will miss his old life as an active royal and living in London, while Meghan is craving a return to acting as a Leo.

‘I think of Harry in a bucolic, beautiful setting. Santa Barbara is the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t have the hustle bustle though. It’s gorgeous, but he used to have 20 detail men following him around, and all the things he was doing. His life has changed dramatically,’ the astrologist told DailyMail.com.

‘Now, living in Santa Barbara is perfect for the children, and I know he loves to play polo. He is a Virgo with Capricorn rising. He loves history and family. Capricorn is a real family sign, and Megan is a Leo, and she has Cancer rising. That’s the glue between the two.

t I think he’s gonna miss London, and I don’t know how they’re going to figure that out. I think it’s great when the kids are little, because, of course, they need places to play, and just be kids, and they’re gonna have the privacy there.

‘But Megan wants to go back to acting because she’s a Leo. Leos are very good at acting and I don’t think the [Netflix] business plan of creating movies is the way it’s going to go. I think she will go back to work.

‘I also think they may need a constant supply of money because they’ve sort of told all the family secrets, they don’t have any more to tell. I think we all know too much. I wish I didn’t know all those secrets. It’s an odd situation.’

And while Susan emphasized that ‘there is no predestination in astrology,’ she told Virgos to ‘listen up because you’re just like Harry,’ with Saturn being in your house of partnership, also known as the marriage house.

‘Either your marriage will be tested, or a business partnership or collaboration will be tested… It just means that you will have to adjust to things. You will have to come up with imaginative solutions, or you may decide to leave the situation,’ she said.

‘It is the hardest test you get. It comes for two and a half years, but for all practical purposes you feel it for three years. It started on March 7th of this year, 2023, it goes until the end of February 2026. He’s feeling it… he’ll feel it more [next year].

‘It will be he who is going through the test. But what’s interesting is [Meghan] felt it and is coming out of it. He’s going into it because Leo had it already.

‘But the Virgos are feeling it now, so… she’s feeling better, probably because she got it all out. But he’s the one finding it difficult.’

As for who will serve as the next president of the United States, Susan says we need to looking back at history – at previous leaders’ star signs.

‘Now there’s a very interesting statistic when you look at all the presidents that we’ve had… most are Aquarius, Leo or Scorpio,’ the astrologist explained.

‘Now, Mister Trump has Leo rising, and Mister Biden is Scorpio. Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio.

‘You know what Scorpios get criticized about? They’re not out there like boom, boom, boom, boom! They’re just not like that. They’re very private people, and it’s a little harder to get to know them, especially… on TV, because they are that way, they’re very meditative and deep thinkers.

‘They understand motivation better than any other sign. You can never lie to a Scorpio, they’ll figure it out right away.’

Some days are better than others for new beginnings or endings, with Susan recommending people keep an eye on when 2024’s eclipses are happening.

‘We have a beautiful January, and the eclipses are moving out of the fixed signs. What are the fixed signs? A Taurus Scorpio and a Leo Aquarius. If you’re one of those signs listening, it’s been hard for you, and my heart goes out to you… They’re moving to a Libra Aries, and I don’t want the Libra and Aries to say, “Oh great, I’m next. I’m doomed.” No, no, no these are gentler,’ the astrologist revealed.

‘We have an eclipse on March 25th and then we have a big one April 8th… Usually eclipses are not perfectly seen in the United States. They’re always somewhere else in Asia, in Africa, in Europe.

‘This one is perfectly over the United States, and it’s a new moon eclipse [or solar eclipse], so that’s opening a new door, and it’s an Aries, the sign of entrepreneurial enterprise.

‘Now listen to this, you can Google it, the path of totality when it’s absolutely perfect if you want to see it, it starts down in Texas like, say, El Paso, and it goes diagonally all the way up to Niagara Falls, and beyond.’

Susan said the phenomenon saw people booking up hotels in this path to see it go dark in the middle of the day.

We’re not going to have another [solar eclipse] for many, many, many, many years,’ she said.

Susan added: ‘We usually have four eclipses in a year, and those are the ones that create the biggest changes….

‘But usually with a lunar eclipse with a moon something ends, but with a solar eclipse something begins, you get opportunity, and it’s usually pretty exciting.

‘We also have Jupiter and Uranus [come together] for the first time in many, many years, and it’s only happening once on April 20th. And it’s the sign of hope and happiness and sudden surprise and benefit and something to give us a little boost.’

For 2024, the eclipses will take place in March, April, September and October.

Meanwhile the luckiest day of the year is going to be in Taurus, which will happen around May 17 or 18.

‘And it’s a late degree of Taurus. If you’re born near that time you hit the jackpot,’ she added.

‘Everyone should use the luckiest day of the year to do something difficult… that big job interview, that big pitch to a client, maybe that trip of a lifetime to Japan or the day you close on your house because you wanna be sure it appreciates in value.

‘Whatever it is, that first date, if you’ve been talking to someone on the phone and you’re finally gonna meet, you want it on the luckiest day.

‘Of course it depends on where it falls in your chart, but everybody has something to look forward to next year.’