Exclusive : Eagles’ missteps make them feel the “most miserable” team in the NFL, says insider…

Exclusive : Eagles' missteps make them feel the


The Philadelphia Eagles are facing a tough time as frustration brews within their locker room. After losing three consecutive games, the defending NFC champions are unlikely to secure the conference’s top seed. However, according to a recent report by Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer, it seems that the team’s morale was low even during their impressive 10-1 start.


Exclusive : Eagles' missteps make them feel the "most miserable" team in the NFL, says insider...
McLane’s source described the Eagles as the “most miserable 10-1 team,” shedding light on the underlying discontent within the team even during their early success. This revelation provides insight into the ongoing challenges faced by the Eagles, despite their strong start to the season.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts’ recent comments after the loss to the Seattle Seahawks have drawn attention, as he publicly expressed that the team lacked commitment. This candid statement from Hurts reflects the internal struggles and frustrations within the team as they grapple with their recent losses.

The Eagles’ inability to contain backup quarterback Drew Lock, who orchestrated a late game-winning drive, has further exacerbated their concerns.

The team’s performance has sparked debates among NFL fans, with speculation arising about potential foul play during the recent game. Additionally, Jason Kelce, a prominent figure within the Eagles, has spoken out following Hurts’ public criticism of the team, adding to the growing scrutiny surrounding the team’s dynamics and performance.

Last season, the Eagles only lost three regular-season games, but they have already exceeded that total with three games remaining. Their chances of securing the top seed in the NFC are slim, and they may have to settle for a wild card entry into the postseason. Despite this, they are currently tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the top spot in the NFC East, highlighting the competitive nature of their division.

As they prepare for their upcoming game against the New York Giants, the Eagles must focus on regaining their footing and overcoming their recent setbacks. With their eyes set on securing a much-needed victory, the team aims to address their internal challenges and rally together to finish the season on a positive note.