Exclusive : In Rare PDA Pic, Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce on the Cheek …

Exclusive : In Rare PDA Pic, Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce on the Cheek ...

In Rare PDA Pic, Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce on the Cheek …

In a sweet new picture posted to Instagram on Monday, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce can be seen embracing as the singer plants a kiss on Travis’ cheek inside a Kansas City pop-up Christmas bar.
Exclusive : In Rare PDA Pic, Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce on the Cheek ...

The picture was purportedly taken on Sunday evening after the Chiefs’ tough loss to the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium. Taylor, 33, was present for the game and was spotted cheering on Travis, 34, before walking out of the stadium hand-in-hand.

In the caption of his post, NFL barber Patrick Regan thanked Taylor for the pictures he posted, including one photo of him trimming Travis’ hair before the game.

In the photo of Travis and Taylor posted by Regan, the Chiefs tight end could be seen sporting a light-colored lumberman’s jacket, which many fans speculated could be a nod to the third anniversary of Taylor’s album, Evermore.

Kelce arrived at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs game in a cottage-core style ensemble, donning an undeniably cozy fit that included a green-and-brown plaid shirt, furry pants and a forest green beanie. Fans were quick to praise the look on social media, calling it “evermore coded.”

Taylor, meanwhile, wore a black mini-skirt with tights, a black top and knee-high boots for the game while also sporting her signature red lip.

According to Cheterah Jackson, a Columbus, Ohio-based real estate agent and friend of Travis’, the couple rented a luxury bus to transport their group and reserved the Christmas bar in downtown Kansas City for friends and family.

Jackson tells ET, “My boyfriend Calvin Locke, owner of Grille 55 and Pure Soul and Seafood in Cleveland, Ohio, is Travis’ friend and has known him since the 7th grade. We were in the suite at the game, which was filled with family and friends.”

The real estate agent continued, saying, “Taylor is an absolute sweetheart. She is very down-to-earth and kind.”

“We had an amazing time. Patrick Mahomes was also there. He was nice and took a picture for my nephew. Taylor and Travis are so in love. It was so cute seeing them together and I can see them getting married,” Jackson says.

The celebration at the Kansas City bar came after the game ended in a 20-17 score.

It was a rough night in which the Chiefs almost clinched a victory but lost it after a buzzer-beater decision from referees in the fourth quarter.

In the moment, wide receiver Kadarius Toney successfully received a pass from Kelce and rushed into the end zone for a touchdown only for the play to not count as refs said Toney was offsides at the snap.

The call received a strong reaction from Travis’ Chiefs teammates, including Mahomes who disagreed with the situation entirely.

“I’ve played seven years in the National Football League and never had offensive offsides called,” Mahomes told reporters during a post-game press conference. “It takes away from not only this game, this season but from a legendary career that Travis [Kelce] has had.”

During the game, Taylor also had an interesting moment after NFL announcer and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo referred to her as Travis’ wife while on the air with announcing partner Jim Nantz.

“As you see, Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, in the audience,” Romo pointed out, quickly correcting himself and saying, “I’m sorry — girlfriend.”