Exclusive : Jason and Travis Kelce reveal their favorite Christmas movies on the latest episode of New Heights podcast (and their No. 1 is surprising)… plus why Die Hard is NOT a festive classic!…


Die Hard, Bruce Willis’ Christmastime action thriller, is not actually a Christmas movie, Jason Kelce insisted to brother Travis on the latest edition of their New Heights podcast.


Exclusive : Jason and Travis Kelce reveal their favorite Christmas movies on the latest episode of New Heights podcast (and their No. 1 is surprising)... plus why Die Hard is NOT a festive classic!...
According to the Philadelphia Eagles center, the 1988 film depicting a fictional police-terrorist standoff at a corporate holiday party is perfectly fine to watch around Christmas. Or, for that matter, it’s appropriate at any time of year, which is exactly why it’s not a Christmas movie.

‘Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, it’s not,’ Jason told the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. ‘ It’s a movie you should watch around Christmas.’

Travis prodded his brother on the distinction: ‘Well, what’s the difference?”

‘It’s not a Christmas spirit movie,’ Jason continued. ‘It’s a movie you can watch at any time of the year. Die Hard is acceptable to watch any time. You can’t watch A Christmas Story in July.’

Jason admitted he hadn’t seen ‘Die Hard in a very long time’ and is ’embarrassed to say’ he can’t remember it very well, so Travis was quick to offer a reminder.

‘Just picture Bruce Willis walking out of an exploding building with explosions just going off, and he’s just barely alive,’ Travis said, omitting Alan Rickman’s celebrated performance as villain Hans Gruber. ‘That’s the whole movie. He kills it, I’m just kidding.’

The two did bond over A Christmas Story, mostly because it was filmed in their native Cleveland.

‘A Christmas Story hits home, that gives me the feels, because it’s filmed in Cleveland, Tower City as a kid, I remember going down that slide, I remember going into the mall area,’ Travis said, remembering some of the film’s most well-worn scenes. ‘On top of that, just the scene of the outside reminds me of a Cleveland Christmassy, snowy Christmas.’

As for his favorite Christmas movie, Travis offered Will Ferrell’s Elf or Four Christmases, a holiday-themed romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn.

‘I’m a comedy guy, I don’t like not-funny Christmas movies,’ Travis said.

Jason agreed.

‘Dude, I love both of those movies,’ he said. ‘I’d probably put Elf above Four Christmases but I’m such a Vince Vaughn guy I’ll watch Four Christmases any day of the week.’

As for his top holiday movie, Jason said ‘A Christmas Story is the answer,’ while also offering the animated ‘Klaus’ on Netflix.

Travis, though, opted for a more Seussian alternative.

‘The Grinch?’ he said. ‘Damn, that’s another good one. Jim Carrey is just my favorite in everything, man.’

Unfortunately for the brothers’ Christmas plans, they’re both working on Monday.

Travis’ Chiefs (9-5) host the rival Las Vegas Raiders at 1pm EST, while Jason’s slumping Eagles (10-4) host the rival New York Giants at 4:30.