Exclusive : Jason Kelce Is ‘Shocked And Depressed ‘ Because Fans Think He Looks Like Rudolph’s Sam the Snowman…

Exclusive : Jason Kelce Is 'Shocked And Depressed ' Because Fans Think He Looks Like Rudolph's Sam the Snowman...


Jason Kelce has a holiday doppelgänger!


Exclusive : Jason Kelce Is 'Shocked And Depressed ' Because  Fans Think He Looks Like Rudolph's Sam the Snowman...
In the latest episode of New Heights, his podcast with brother Travis Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, addressed fan thoughts that he bears resemblance to an iconic Christmas character — Sam the Snowman from 1964’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

“There’s a tweet about me that a bunch of you might have seen,” Jason said, referring to a post on X (formerly Twitter) that pointed out his likeness to the jolly, Burl Ives-voiced character — and garnered over 60,000 likes and 3 million views.

“Not buying into it,” Travis, 34, said of the tweet.

Jason also doubted his resemblance to the singing snowman — who sports a handlebar mustache and chin puff — and said that he gets far more comparisons to a different character from the holiday special, bearded arctic prospector Yukon Cornelius.

“That’s the one that everyone’s always… and it’s from the exact same movie so I was shocked when this picked up so much steam, because I’ve always gotten that one,” he added.

Both Travis and Jason said that the bowler hat-wearing snowman looks a lot like another Kelce they know — their father, Ed.

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“I think we’re both getting major Ed Kelce vibes with the snowman,” Jason said. “That’s an Ed Kelce.”

“One thousand percent,” Travis added.

The NFL stars seemed to think the main difference between Sam and Jason was their facial hair, though Travis pointed out that Jason did used to sport a similar ‘stache, saying, “You had the handlebars at one point.”

Recalling the facial hair era, the Eagles center said it was “really bad,” and described how if he did not style the mustache, they would “float” in his beer as he drank it — which was “absolutely gross,” he added.

“I almost just threw up,” Travis said. “You had real flavor savers.”

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Elsewhere in the New Heights episode, the brothers discussed some of the Christmas gifts they exchanged with their teammates this year.

Travis revealed that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got the entire Chiefs offensive line customized electric golf carts, which he said was a “pretty sweet” gesture.

The Chiefs tight end also shared that, instead of exchanging presents with his teammates this year, he gifted each of them a “cozy” velour jumpsuit.

The Eagles offensive line celebrated Christmas with a white elephant gift exchange this year, Jason revealed, adding that the “hottest” item, both literally and figuratively, was a flamethrower.

“What, is somebody going to war?” Travis joked. “What the f— are we doing?”