Exclusive : Jason Kelce Mum “Donna Kelce” Reveals What Grandma Name Jason Kelce’s Kylie Three Daughters Call Her…

Exclusive : Jason Kelce Mum


Donna Kelce loves spending time with her grandkids.


Exclusive : Jason Kelce Mum "Donna Kelce" Reveals What Grandma Name Jason Kelce's Kylie Three Daughters Call Her...
Speaking with PEOPLE about her holiday partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment, Donna, 71, opens up about enjoying quality time with her family during the holiday season.

Among her favorites to get together with are son Jason Kelce’s kids — daughters Bennett, 9 months, Elliotte, 2½, and Wyatt, 4 — whom the Philadelphia Eagles center shares with wife Kylie Kelce.
“The grandkids call me Deedee, which is the first initial of my name,” Donna tells PEOPLE.

Elsewhere in the chat, Donna talked about spending time in the kitchen with her eldest granddaughter over this holiday season.
“Baking is a wonderful activity to do with family and friends, and now I have a little helper in Wyatt,” she raves of son Jason Kelce’s daughter.

“I look forward to passing on my tips and tricks to the girls so that they can eventually pass these traditions on to their own families one day.”

Earlier this month, Kylie told PEOPLE about how her oldest is helping out on the holidays.

“My oldest just got to do the Mama Kelce dinner rolls at Thanksgiving. So now, she thinks that she is the queen of the rolls,” Kylie laughed. “So, I think for our Christmas meal, she will end up helping my mother-in-law again because they absolutely nailed it. They were outstanding, as usual.”