Exclusive : Kansas Chief Wife “Brittany Mahomes” Seeing More Buttocks. People On Instagram And Taylor Swift Friendship…

Exclusive : Kansas Chief Wife


Brittany Mahomes says she’s seeing a surge in trolls on her Instagram amid her budding friendship with Taylor Swift … revealing Tuesday there’s “A LOT more rude ass people” bothering her on the app these days.


 Exclusive : Kansas Chief Wife "Brittany Mahomes" Seeing More Buttocks. People On Instagram And Taylor Swift Friendship...
The 28-year-old mother of two has unfortunately grown used to critics on her social media pages as the wife of Patrick Mahomes … but she took to her IG stories this week to announce it’s all gotten much worse — all while she’s becoming good pals with Travis Kelce’s new flame.

“Recently there has been ALOT more rude ass people on here,” she wrote, “waaaay more then normal.”

“I’m not sure where yall came from,” she continued, “but you should probably go back to where you came from …. please.”

Brittany never specifically mentioned her relationship with Swift in her statement … though it certainly seems it’s all connected — as the gals have been pretty much inseparable since September, when the pop star and Kelce went public with their relationship.

Of course, Brittany is sadly more than used to the online hate … as the most outspoken fan of Patrick, she’s been a lightning rod for criticism.

In fact, at one point last year, she even had to call out a commenter for their inappropriate response to a pic of her and her family.

For his part, Patrick has been to known come to her defense … saying of her haters following an incident in 2022, “Man people are weird.”

“Love you babe.”