Exclusive : Reasons For Travis Kelce’s teammate Refuses to asked Taylor Swift for a picture when they hang out Together…

Exclusive : Reasons For Travis Kelce’s teammate Refuses to asked Taylor Swift for a picture when they hang out Together...


Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs teammate Rashee Rice won’t be posting a picture next to Taylor Swift anytime soon.


Exclusive : Reasons For Travis Kelce’s teammate Refuses to asked Taylor Swift for a picture when they hang out Together...
During an appearance on Fubo Sports’ “Airing It Out” podcast, the rookie wide receiver explained that he would find it weird to ask the pop star, 34, for a photo given his friendship with the tight end, also 34.

“I’ve seen her,” he said when asked if he had met Swift, “but I didn’t go up to her like, ‘Can I get a picture?’ or nothing like that.”

“You know, those guys like Trav and Pat[rick Mahomes] they invite us out because they know that we are the only guys that see them every day and know and see them for who they really are not just like, ‘Bro you’re a superstar football player!’” he continued. “It’s just Pat and it’s just Trav.”

The 23-year-old went on to say that he “wouldn’t go up to another dude’s girl” and ask for a photo, so he has kept the same energy when it comes to Swift.

In fact, the only instance in which he could see himself asking the Grammy winner for a flick would be if his girlfriend was also there and they got a photo of the four of them.

“Maybe if my girl was there I would be like, ‘Can we get a picture with the girls together?’ or something,” Rice confessed.

Despite not knowing the “Cruel Summer” singer on a personal level, the SMU alum noted that he is “happy for Trav” amid the pair’s whirlwind romance.

Rice also gave Swift a shoutout for her staunch “support” of the Chiefs since she started dating Kelce earlier this summer.

“She brought a lot more fans to the team too,” he said.

After a clip of the interview was posted to TikTok, the Swifties flooded the comments section with praise for the “respectful” and “sweet” NFL player.

“This is such a healthy and thoughtful environment [for] her to be in honestly,” one fan commented. “I love this for her and Trav and mad respect to Rice.”

“The first time she is surrounded by so many people that don’t want anything from her bc they aren’t in the same business as her,” another replied.

“Such a classy response, I love this for her, finally some normalcy,” a third person added, to which a fourth agreed, “This was such a respectful response 🥹.”


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While Rice has yet to officially meet the superstar, Swift has attended several of the team’s parties over the last couple of months.

After attending her first game in Kansas City, Mo., in September, Swift joined Kelce and his teammates for an afterparty at the Prime Social rooftop bar downtown.

The athlete reportedly “bought out the restaurant” for the night so that the team could enjoy some privacy

The lovebirds also hung out with several of Kelce’s close friends and teammates at a Christmas-themed bar on two separate occasions this month.

Swift has become especially close with a small group of fellow Chiefs’ WAGs, specifically Brittany Mahomes.

Swift has been spending a lot of time with the NFL star in recent weeks following the end of her 2023 Eras Tour.

The record-breaking tour doesn’t pick back up until February and we’re told the couple plans to spend the holidays together in Kansas City.

An insider told us earlier this week that Swift will be at Kelce’s home games on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

However, it’s unclear if she will be hunkering down with her beau in between games or if she will be flying home to New York City or even to Tennessee to be with her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift.