Exclusive : Taylor Swift’s Parents and Travis Kelce’s Dad Ed Mingled in Tight End’s Suite Before Chiefs Game: See the Photo…

Exclusive : Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Dad Ed Mingled in Tight End's Suite Before Chiefs Game: See the Photo...


The Super Star Pop singer and The Kansas Chief Player NFL star’s parents chatted before the Christmas Day game, a photo captured by a Chiefs fan shows


Exclusive : Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Dad Ed Mingled in Tight End's Suite Before Chiefs Game: See the Photo...
For Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Christmas time is family time!

At the Kansas City Chiefs’ Christmas Day game, the pop star, 34, her parents Scott and Andrea Swift and Travis’ dad Ed Kelce all united to cheer on the Chiefs tight end, also 34, at Arrowhead Stadium.

In a photo captured by Chiefs fan Jacklyn Chappell Snider, the group of four can be seen mingling in the NFL star’s suite before the matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, which ended with a 20-14 Chiefs loss.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Timeline
In the shot, Taylor sips a drink as she, Scott, Andrea and Ed all appear to be engaged in a conversation.

According to Chappell Snider, Ed appeared to be alone in the suite for a while before the game, and took photos with fans through the suite’s glass before Taylor arrived with her family. (Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift, also made an appearance dressed as Santa Claus.)

Absent from the suite was Travis’ mom, Donna Kelce, who was cheering on her other son, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, a thousand miles away in his team’s Christmas Day game against the New York Giants.

Donna, however, has met Taylor before — and the singer seemed to leave a good impression.

During an October Today show appearance, the mom of two, who has previously cozied up with Taylor at Travis’ games, joked that she’ll “never tell” what she and Swift chat about in between plays.

While chatting with PEOPLE in November, she also said that after watching the performer’s “awesome” Eras Tour concert film, she thinks Taylor is “extremely, extremely talented.”

Ed — who was first seen with Taylor at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 12 — has also also shared some of his thoughts about the “Karma” singer with PEOPLE.

In October, in his first interview since Travis and Taylor went public with their relationship, he revealed that he had “gone back and listened to interviews she’s done over the years” since meeting Taylor, adding that her commencement address at NYU was “pretty cool.”


Exclusive : Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Dad Ed Mingled in Tight End's Suite Before Chiefs Game: See the Photo...
According to Ed, watching the interviews just confirmed his “initial impression of her,” which is that she is a “very, very sweet, very charming, down-to-earth young woman.”

The father of two also praised Taylor’s suite etiquette, which he said was “something very special that I noticed about Taylor the first time I met her.”

“We’re sitting in the suite, she gets up and in the front room, she gets up to go get a drink or something and she starts picking up empty bottles, cans, plates that are scattered around,” he told PEOPLE.

“And I’m just thinking, I don’t think she got the diva memo,” he added. “She didn’t get the spoiled musician. She doesn’t know how to pull that off. And that really, to me, said a whole lot.”

Taylor isn’t the only one who has met the parents since she and the tight end began dating in July.

Travis met Scott for the first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October, when the NFL star took a weekend trip to watch one of the “Love Story” singer’s Eras Tour shows.
After the pair met, Travis’ brother Jason teased Scott — an Eagles fan — on the football players’ podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, for donning a Chiefs lanyard to watch the Buenos Aires concert with Travis.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jason also called out his brother for not returning a high-five from Scott after Taylor changed the lyrics of her Midnights track “Karma” to give her football star beau a sweet shoutout.

“Yeah, Mr. Swift, I apologize big guy,” Travis said. “Aw, man. I missed that. I never miss a high-five, too. Big high-five guy. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event and so — sorry Mr. Swift.”