Exclusive : The 5 Times Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Had Us Laughing on Their Podcast…

Exclusive : The 5 Times Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Had Us Laughing on Their Podcast...


It turns out that Travis and Jason Kelce are talented in areas other than football.


Exclusive : The 5 Times Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Had Us Laughing on Their Podcast...
The two NFL star brothers, who are players for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively, also appear to have a natural sense of humor. They frequently turn topics they openly discuss on their podcast, New Heights, into hilarious situations.

See five instances where this pair’s lively conversation and sibling bonding had listeners in stitches below.

1. When Travis made makeshift “mayo” mouth noises.

During the Dec. 6 episode, Travis explained the food toppings he absolutely does not like: white condiments.

He then hilariously began making sloppy wet mouth noises in an attempt to get his point across, to which his brother responded, “You can make it sound disgusting as much as you want, but mayonnaise is delicious, Travis.”

2. When Jason burst out into song, channeling his inner Disney prince.

The Nov. 28 episode found Jason recollecting one of his favorite childhood movies, and the pro footballer couldn’t help but paint the full picture for listeners by showcasing his singing chops.

“Kylie [Kelce] gets mad at how much I turn Aladdin on. I’ve turned our girls into like, huge Aladdin fans,” he admitted, before belting out, “Arabian nights, like Arabian days.”

The display, obviously, caused Travis to begin cracking up, and we’re sure he’s not the only one who got a kick out of the performance.

3. When Jason explained the plot of Twilight.

On the Sept. 26 episode, the Philadelphia Eagles center hilariously attempted to bring his brother up to speed on sci-fi vampire saga, Twilight, by providing a vivacious synopsis.

Bella, right out of high school, marries a 109-year-old vampire,” Jason explained, adding that “after marriage they start having sex.”

Travis, who acted as if he absolutely did not care to hear what happened in the film, comically took off his headphones during the rant, placing them over his microphone and telling his brother, “Just call me whenever you’re ready. I’m not doing this to myself.”

“They have a baby, and the baby’s half vampire, half human, but if you’re human you can’t give birth to a vampire, so she’s about to die. So then Edward has to turn her into a vampire, to save her life,” Jason continued before Travis cut in, “Are you really doing this?”

One fan in the comment section of the snippet video, which was shared to TikTok, summed the moment up quite perfectly, writing, “The most sibling behavior I’ve seen of these two 😅.”

4. When the brothers could not stop laughing while remembering a family trip they went on.

…which, in turn, made us join them in laughter, obviously. What can we say? Laughter is contagious!

While recalling a ski trip to Aspen they went on during the Dec. 6 episode, where Jason’s wife Kylie was also in attendance, the NFL star brothers simply could not stop laughing as they told the “funny story” of how the mom of three’s first time on the slopes went.

“That thing was steep—we were the last two to go,” Travis recalled, adding that they eventually “just jumped” after the big bro declared, “F–k it!”

“Kylie had a rough day, it was her first time ever skiing,” the pro athlete said of his wife.

5. When Jason described throwing his mom his protective cup during a game.

During the Aug. 17 episode, the brothers’ mom, Donna Kelce—more affectionately known as Mama Kelce—joined them, as Jason recollected an instance where he tossed her his protective cup in the middle of a hockey game.

“I was wearing a cup in hockey, and it was rubbing me really bad, so I took it out in the middle of the game and threw it to you in the stands. Because who doesn’t throw their cup to their mom?” he remembered.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about mid-play—the puck is in play, and Jason is going down the hockey pants, and hucks it like a grenade over the wall,” Travis explicitly described.

After laughing, Mama Kelce responded, “I did catch it, but you were immediately ejected from the game. Not ejected from the game, but you were made to get off the ice, because you have to have a cup to be on the ice. So they made you get off and put it back in.”

We’re sure there will be plenty more funny moments to come in 2024, and we’ll be tuned into the Kelce brothers’ podcast to be front row for them all!