Exclusive : Travis Kelce reveals how he will spend Christmas Day, Is Taylor Swift joining him?…

Exclusive : Taylor Swift and the whole Kelce family have these friendship bracelets in common...


Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs will play the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day while his brother Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles will face the New York Giants later on December 25th, Now the obvious question is if Taylor Swift will be joining Travis in his game in Kansas City.


Exclusive : Travis Kelce reveals how he will spend Christmas Day, Is Taylor Swift joining him?...
The Kelcies have made plans to celebrate Christmas, however, they have had to do it at a later time after their NFL commitments have been taken care of.

Travis spoke to People magazine and mentioned that ‘My brother sent me a text and said he’s going to be celebrating afterwards,’ and although they have to change their schedules Travis claims “It will be a fun one.”

The Kelces’ mom, Donna, is a fan of both teams as many have seen her traditional half-gren-half-red jersey to support Travis and Jason, however, it has not been revealed if she will travel from Kansas City to Philadelphia to see both of her sons play.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has been an avid fan of the Chiefs, despite being a Philadelphia fan all her life, she has attended 8 NFL games and has been seen getting along great with the Kansas City crowd, including Donna Kelce and Brittany Mahomes.

Taylor even brought her dad Scott Swift to join her and cheer as the Chiefs beat the Patriots 27-17 and breaking the two game losing streak at the hands of the Buffalo Bills 20-17 and the Green Bay Packers 27-19.

It has not been revealed yet if Tay Tay will join Travis durin his game against the Los Angeles Raiders on Monday, December 25th, in Kansas City.