Exclusive : What A Surprise Package , Taylor Swift showed Up A Big Ring Her Lover Boy “Travis Kelce” Gave To Her After Her birthday Party…

Exclusive : Hasn't A Rumors Anymore About The Ring And A Request For Her Taylor's Father Blessing… Taylor and Travis Are About To Get Engaged


Taylor Swift showed up in her 34th birthday in style, and fans are buzzing about a dazzling new accessory she showcased during the celebration.


Exclusive : What A Surprise Package , Taylor Swift showed Up A Big Ring Her Lover Boy "Travis Kelce" Gave To Her After Her birthday Party...
In photos from her N.Y.C. birthday bash, Swift flaunted a ring on her right, middle finger, drawing attention from pals Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry.

The statement piece features an oversized opal gemstone surrounded by a halo of dark gemstones, sparking speculation among Swifties that it could be a gift from her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Despite Kelce’s absence at the birthday party, the couple previously celebrated Swift’s big day in Kansas City. The guest list for the N.Y.C. celebration included celebrities such as Blake Lively, Sabrina Carpenter, Antoni Porowski, Jack Antonoff, the Haim sisters and Gigi Hadid.

Swift and her friends enjoyed the festivities at Banzarbar, a chic cocktail bar above Freeman’s, a popular New York City hotspot.

Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, missed the celebration as he had mandatory practices in Kansas City ahead of a crucial game against the New England Patriots.

Nevertheless, the couple had an early birthday celebration in Kansas City, where they shared sweet moments and posed for group photos at a holiday party.