Jason Kelce Says “I’m Not Playing Around” About How He Reprimands His Kids

Jason Kelce Says


Center for the Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce has disclosed that he used a harsh hand to raise his toddlers and took a rigid approach to parenting. According to The Messenger, Jason and his spouse Kylie are parents to three children, all under the age of five: Wyatt, age four, Elliotte, age two, and Bennett, age ten months. Jason had an open discussion with his brother Travis Kelce and their mother Donna Kelce in a holiday-themed episode of their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. He revealed his methods of child discipline during this conversation.


Jason Kelce Says "I'm Not Playing Around" About How He Reprimands His Kids
His brother inquired about which of them, Jason or Donna, indulges or pampers his daughters more. To this, Donna replied by saying, “Oh man. That’s close. I would assume it would have to be Jason because he’s here most of the time.” Jason responded, “Do I spoil them though? I feel like I try not to.” “You don’t, but you’re very kind and you’re very gentle. You know, you keep them in line. All it takes from you is just your voice and they stop,” Donna noted.

Kelce recalled a moment when he was attempting to put his children to bed, yet they were resistant and didn’t want to sleep, as per People. He said, “I’m not even making this story up. We were in their bedroom last night, or a couple nights ago actually, and I’m trying to get them to go to bed. And I just keep going like this, ‘Hey. hey,'” in a gruff voice. Furthermore, his straightforward and strict manner raised concerns among his children, to the extent that one of them felt compelled to question why he was being so tough on them. He said, “And Wyatt’s like, ‘Dad? Dad? Why do you go like this?’ And I’m like, ‘It’s because I mean business. I’m not playing around.'”

During the inaugural episode of the second season of the New Heights podcast in September, Travis asked Kylie who takes on the role of the disciplinarian, often referred to as the ‘bad cop,’ more frequently with their three daughters. “I’m bad cop, Jason’s good cop,” she said. To this, Jason said, “No chance! I’m definitely bad cop. Well, I’m bad cop and good cop. You never know what you’re going to get, gotta keep them on their toes.” Nevertheless, Kylie asserted that she assumes the role of the strict disciplinarian on a full-time basis. She said, “I have to be bad cop most of the day. We’re trying to limit injuries and keep the peace for the most part. And when it’s just me, it’s three against one and I’ve got to try and nip it in the bud before anything goes terribly awry.”
Kylie further added, “When Jason’s home, usually he’s the fun one. He does the launching onto the bed and all the things that end up in one of them crying ‘Mom!’ because someone sustains an injury. The only times when he’s a bad cop is when I say, ‘Jason!’ and he says, ‘What?’ and I say, ‘A little help!'” The football player agreed with his wife and shared a laugh with his brother. Additionally, they also sometimes trick their kids. For example, Kylie said that their family had Christmas on December 26 because Jason had a game for the Eagles against the Giants on December 25.