Joining Jason Kelce in Canton: 10 more current NFL players considered locks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Joining Jason Kelce in Canton: 10 more current NFL players considered locks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame


Retiring Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is certain to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday, perhaps even as early as five years from now.


Joining Jason Kelce in Canton: 10 more current NFL players considered locks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Over a 13-year career, who reportedly told his teammates Monday night he’s retiring, Jason Kelce put together an NFL resume worthy of even first-ballot consideration: six Pro Bowl invitations, a 6-time first-team All-Pro selection, and one Super Bowl ring. Plus, most would place Jason Kelce among the best to ever play the center position.

In today’s game, Jason Kelce isn’t the only player who’s a virtual lock for Canton. There are several players who could retire now, as Jason Kelce is reportedly doing, knowing they are destined to wear a Hall of Fame gold jacket.

Following are 10 present-day players who already have the credentials to be immortalized alongside Jason Kelce in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

If he isn’t already, Donald will go down as one of the NFL’s greatest defensive players ever. His three Defensive Player of the Year awards tie him for the most all-time with Lawrence Taylor and J.J. Watt. That list is about as elite as it gets, but Donald certainly belongs.

The “Cheetah” has exploded his way into the Hall of Fame conversation with more credentials than any other receiver in the NFL. Hill was within reach of the vaunted 2,000-yard receiving mark for much of the season and could get there in 2024, since he’s still at the peak of his powers.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce will someday become the first brothers to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jason might get there first, but Travis will follow shortly. As he continues to produce each year, Travis could go down as the greatest tight end ever. Either that, or he’ll end up in the conversation along with Rob Gronkowski and Tony Gonzalez, among others.

Of all the players on this list, Mahomes has the least amount of NFL service time, but no one would argue against his Hall of Fame candidacy. He’s proven to be a generational talent who could end with more Super Bowl rings before he’s through.

Martin has quietly and effectively produced a Hall of Fame-caliber career and might be the most unassuming player on this list, all due to the position he plays. But he’s revered among offensive linemen and still at the top of his game. Even though the Cowboys have disappointed, Martin certainly hasn’t.

Miller has had severe off-the-field troubles; he turned himself in on an arrest warrant related to a felony charge of assault. But on the field, he’s the active NFL leader in sacks and he’s built up plenty of accolades to merit entrance into the Hall of Fame.

Rodgers sat behind another Hall of Fame quarterback, Brett Favre, for three seasons in Green Bay before taking over and producing a career is arguably better than Favre’s. His four MVP awards are second only to Peyton Manning and one ahead of Tom Brady. If that’s the case, start making Rodgers’ Hall of Fame bust now.

There are currently five placekickers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but someday Tucker will be the sixth. Tucker is the most accurate field-goal kicker in NFL history, making them at a 90.2 percent clip, and many already refer to him as the GOAT among kickers.

Wagner was among the stars on the Seahawks’ “Legion of Doom” defense that terrorized the NFL and led to one Super Bowl championship. In addition, he’s been either a first-team or second-team All-Pro for 10 consecutive seasons. That would earn anyone a permanent home in Canton.

Among active players, no one has as many Pro Bowl invitations than Williams, for whom there are several highlight reels on YouTube showing his devastating blocks. He’s even been considered the best football player in the NFL, regardless of position. Williams has more work to do with the 49ers, but don’t be surprised if he’s someday revered as the game’s greatest left tackle.