Just In: With Joe and Calvin, Taylor Swift’s self-esteem was “punched up,” but she appears to be genuinely in love with Travis…

Just In: With Joe and Calvin, Taylor Swift's self-esteem was


In recent appearances at football games supporting NFL player Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has been spotted falling into his arms, her hair looking matted and frizzy. This marks a departure from her usual polished appearance, especially during her last serious relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn, which lasted five years before ending in 2023.


Just In: With Joe and Calvin, Taylor Swift's self-esteem was "punched up," but she appears to be genuinely in love with Travis...
According to psychologist Jo Hemmings, Swift’s appearance has undergone a noticeable transformation since her relationship with Joe Alwyn according to The US Sun. During that time, her hair was consistently styled to look shiny, soft, and uncomplicated. Her connection with Travis Kelce has coincided with a noticeable shift in her hairstyle, as she rocks her carefree and relaxed locks.

Amidst the spotlight on her set lists and dazzling attire, the attention-grabbing nature of her cascading ash-blond tresses and softer-style bangs has sparked discussions among both fans and critics.

In 2023, the Anti-Hero hitmaker expressed her enjoyment of The Eras Tour, coinciding with reports of her growing involvement with Kelce. According to Hemmings, Swift’s shift towards more casual clothing and public displays of affection with Kelce are signs of her being in love.

The NFL player is described as a decent guy who balances Swift’s life, contrasting with her previous relationships with music producer Calvin Harris and actor Tom Hiddleston. The Grammy award-winning singer’s relationship with Harris lasted less than a year, with the couple going public at the Billboard Awards in May 2015 before quickly splitting.

Her relationship with Hiddleston also saw a change in her appearance, with her hair mainly kept short. Hemmings suggests that this may have been to please him, as her confidence seemed to wane with shorter hair. However, Hemmings notes that the singing sensation’s recent carefree attitude towards her hair is a reflection of her newfound happiness with Kelce.

While she once prioritized maintaining a polished appearance, she now embraces a more relaxed and carefree attitude, mirroring her happiness with the NFL champ.

Lately, criticism has been directed towards the Kansas City Chiefs’ Tight End following his behavior at the team’s Super Bowl 58 celebration in Las Vegas. While celebrations were anticipated after the Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers, Travis Kelce’s actions were deemed as mean-spirited by some. Comments from fans ranged from accusations of disrespect towards the opponent and the coach to labeling Kelce as a “clown” and a “douchebag.”

Kelce’s conduct during the game, including an incident involving an elderly man on the sideline and almost colliding with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, has also been scrutinized, with questions raised about his sportsmanship.

Tensions escalated between Coach Reid and Kelce during a crucial moment in the game when Kelce expressed his frustration over Isiah Pacheco’s mistake, which put the Chiefs at a disadvantage. In a heated exchange, Kelce approached Reid forcefully, nearly causing him to lose his balance.