Kylie Kelce Heart Of Appreciation: Taylor Swift Gives Kylie Kelce A Passport Into Fashion Week…

Kylie Kelce Heart Of Appreciation: Taylor Swift Gives Kylie Kelce A Passport Into Fashion Week...


Fans went wild after spotting Kylie Kelce gracing the streets of Milan fashion week – with many thinking she’s taken tips from ‘sister-in-law’ Taylor Swift.


Kylie Kelce Heart Of Appreciation: Taylor Swift Gives Kylie Kelce A Passport Into Fashion Week...
Although not her usual bag, the wife of NFL star Jason Kelce recently appeared at fashion week in Milan. Known more for standing at the sides of a football match than on a red carpet, Kylie appeared to take a leaf out of Taylor’s book – who is currently loved up with Kylie’s brother-in-law, Travis Kelce – as she took a rare step into the spotlight.

Attending her first-ever fashion show in Milan, Kylie stunned on the red carpet in a silver velvet suit at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show. Fans were quick to praise the star, writing ‘No thoughts, just Kylie Kelce at Milan fashion week.’ Another agreed, ‘Not enough people are talking about this look. She looks SO good.’

Put simply, the Kelce’s are one of the world’s hottest families right now. NFL star Jason Kelce is famed for his position as the Philadelphia Eagles’ center, as well as for his podcast, New Heights, which he hosts with his younger brother Travis. Also in the picture are Ed and Donna Kelce, who never fail to play the proud parents at their sons sporting matches.

And as Travis has Taylor Swift by his side, Jason has wife Kylie Kelce supporting him through thick and thin.

With fans desperate to know more about the woman behind one of the world’s biggest sporting stars, here’s everything to know about Kylie Kelce.

Kylie McDevitt Kelce is the wife of NFL star Jason Kelce, as well as sister-in-law to Travis Kelce.

Born on 23rd March, 1992, Kylie is currently 31 years old (and an ambitious and driven Aries, of course.) The star was born in Narbeth, Philadelphia, making her a true fan of husband Jason’s current team, the Philly Eages. An Eagle at heart, the star has even joked about how she’ll struggle to wear another team’s colours – even admitting she avoids wearing Chiefs merch for brother-in-law Travis when she can.

After Kylie made it known she refuses to wear Trav’s team colours, Jason revealed, ‘Kylie got some love from the Philadelphia fans for her continued refusal to wear Chiefs gear, even though she has personal connections.’

Kylie’s pretty well known among NFL fans for being the most supportive partner when it comes to her husband’s career, and it comes with good reason. Kylie herself is also an athlete, having played field hockey at Lower Marion High School, as well as in college. She went on to major in communications at nearby Cabrini University in Pennsylvania, graduating in 2017 with Jason by her side to celebrate. Since graduating, she’s kept up with her love of the sport – describing joining the Cabrini Field Hockey team as ‘one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.’

She’s also heavily involved in the Philly community, working hard with her philanthropic projects. In 2022, Jason established his own non-profit foundation called (Be)Philly, dedicated to helping Philadelphia’s youth. As well as helping with the foundation, Kylie also raises money for the Eagles Autism Foundation, hosting an annual event at Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.