Report: ‘Eagles’ Jason Kelce Didn’t ‘Know What to Say’ After Meeting Two Movie Stars…

Report: 'Eagles' Jason Kelce Didn't 'Know What to Say' After Meeting Two Movie Stars...


The Kelce family has been at the center of the sports world over the last few months due to the Taylor Swift craze, but that’s not stopping big brother Jason from still feeling like a normal person every now and then.


Report: 'Eagles' Jason Kelce Didn't 'Know What to Say' After Meeting Two Movie Stars...
The legendary Philadelphia Eagles center, who is still undecided on retirement, seemingly met his match celebrity-wise in Vegas during Super Bowl weekend at The Sphere and admitted it was the first the in a while he felt speechless around other celebrities.

Kelce linked up with famous actors Adam Sandler and David Spade and told the story during a recent episode of his podcast.

“Being at the sphere and seeing Adam, I haven’t been starstruck in a very long time,” Kelce. “And people come up to me, not often, but every once in a while and they’re almost like, ‘Is that really (you)?’ They’re kinda speechless and I’m like, ‘Yeah, take the picture.’ You don’t gotta act. I know you are doing this just to try and ask to take a picture. Let’s just take the picture.”

“I do not rule out trading up with Howie Roseman,” a scout told SI Eagles Today. “Quinyon Mitchell could be the guy in that scenario.”

It always takes two to tango, but Roseman usually finds a dance partner on draft night.

Mitchell’s signature game against Northern Illinois on Oct. 12, 2022, when he had not one, not two or three, but four interceptions. Three came in the first half, two were returned for touchdowns, and one happened in the end zone to blunt a Northern Illinois drive in what became a 52-32 win that day for the Rockets.

“I don’t feel that was my best game, but I do feel it gave me some national attention, having four picks and two pick-sixes,” said Mitchell at the NFL Scouting Combine. “The week before, they played Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt played a lot of Cover 4. Our same defense. So just going into that week we threw some Cover 2 in there and the ball just came to me.”

Speed is his calling card, clocking a 4.33 at the Combine and topping out at 23 miles per hour on the GPS. He has defended 44 passes over the past two seasons, more than any defensive back in college football.

Trading up to take him would probably signal the end of James Bradberry, though the veteran cornerback is believed to still figure into Philly’s 2024 plans after Roseman said at the Combine that he still does.

Mitchell could challenge Bradberry to start, or, at the very least, learn from the veteran, who just two years ago was a second-team All-Pro, and Darius Slay.

Now, there might be some concerns over the competition at Toledo, which plays in the Mid-American Conference.


Report: 'Eagles' Jason Kelce Didn't 'Know What to Say' After Meeting Two Movie Stars...
Mitchell ended up at Toledo due to struggling with his grades while growing up in the tiny town of Williston, Fla, just outside Gainesville and the University of Florida. He sat out a year to focus on his grades, and, while some other Division I schools stopped recruiting, Toledo stuck with him.

He never thought of transferring to a school with a higher nationally-known program.