Ring And Divorce: Taylor Swift Wins a Ring– hope this won’t go down quick? Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Plans Wedding Engagement…

Taylor Swift Wins a Ring? Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Plans Wedding Engagement


The Kansas City Chiefs ” Travis Kelce surprised Taylor Swift As he gave Taylor Swift a engagement ring. Fans Responded to this by saying” hope their love won’t go down quick “.


Taylor Swift Wins a Ring? Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Plans Wedding Engagement
There are certain things about AFC games on TV that are almost institutionalized now. The Buffalo Bills in the NFL playoffs? Yup, that’s one. The Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs? Yup, again this year, that’s another.

And Taylor Swift filling up our television screens? More than ever, maybe that’s about to become another. Why? Because Travis Kelce and Ms. Swift apparently have wedding in their future.

The Chiefs tight end and the world-famous music icon reportedly plan to get engaged this summer, according to Page Six. … which notes that they would be moving even faster on all of this but for concerns that it might “seem like it’s rushed insanity.”

Some football fans still balk a bit at how often the TV cameras turn to Swift when she is in a suite at a Chiefs game … a scenario likely to play out this weekend assuming she is to visit Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs on Saturday night have an AFC Wild Card matchup against the Dolphins.

But if they get engaged? And then married? (Which is the logical progression of things things, you know?) Then just as in Buffalo, where Bills Mafia jumps onto tables as part of the parking-lot tailgate party outside Highmark Stadium (which will also happen this weekend when the Steelers get here for a Sunday playoff date) …

Swift jumping up and down alongside Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany is going to become even more of an NFL staple.

If Bills fans really dislike Swift being on TV? You’ll root for the Dolphins on Saturday night. And no, we’re not sure you really dislike her quite that much.