Taylor Swift has enjoyed watching Travis Kelce’s NFL games because she doesn’t have to be “the star”, his coach Andy Reid has claimed…

Taylor Swift has enjoyed watching Travis Kelce's NFL games because she doesn't have to be


The ‘Anti-Hero’ hitmaker has been a regular fixture in the stands cheering her boyfriend on in his games for Kansas City Chiefs and the sportsman’s coach.


Taylor Swift has enjoyed watching Travis Kelce's NFL games because she doesn't have to be "the star", his coach Andy Reid has claimed...
Andy Reid, has insisted that despite the scrutiny the couple face, they never make it “an issue” and he doesn’t think the extra scrutiny her presence has brought has been anything other than a good thing.

Speaking on ‘Fecoe in the Morning’ on Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio, Andy said: “I was just happy that they were both happy. Trav never let it be an issue, she never made it an issue.

I think she really enjoyed herself watching the games and not having to have the spotlight on her.

“She was able to get in there, and Trav was the guy and she enjoyed that part, not having to be the star of the game. She could just hang out up there and enjoy Brittany (Mahomes) and the crew. I thought it was all positive, a very positive thing.”

Andy has actually known Taylor longer than Travis, something the tight end was shocked to discover.

He said: “I actually knew her and her family before Trav did… They’re from Pennsylvania, and her dad was an Eagles fan – a football fan, really – I believe he played at Delaware, so he gets the game. He understands.

And she’s got a great mom, and they’re very close that way. I met her when she was young, I never worried that she wouldn’t handle it. She handles herself so well and has done so well in her career that I never worried about that…

“She goes, ‘I know your coach,’ and he kind of went, ‘What coach?’ And she goes, ‘Coach Reid and his wife,’ and Trav went, ‘Oh no, that’s not what I wanted to hear.’ But listen, it was all good. They’re good people, both of them. I’m happy that they’re happy. Really.”