The strong relationship between Mike and Prince George and Zara Tindall and Prince William’s kids demonstrate how the Tindalls and Waleses have gotten closer ever since Harry and Meghan moved out.

The strong relationship between Mike and Prince George and Zara Tindall and Prince William's kids demonstrate how the Tindalls and Waleses have gotten closer ever since Harry and Meghan moved out.


The Waleses and Tindalls are known to have a close relationship with one another, perhaps especially since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the US – and that was on clear display on Christmas Day.


The strong relationship between Mike and Prince George and Zara Tindall and Prince William's kids demonstrate how the Tindalls and Waleses have gotten closer ever since Harry and Meghan moved out.
Members of the Royal Family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, their children, and Mike and Zara Tindall, attended the Sandringham church service.

Prince Louis, five, sweetly held hands with his second cousin Mia Tindall, nine, as he made his way to St Mary Magdalene Church on the Norfolk Estate.
Former England Rugby star Mike Tindall, 45, who is married to the King’s niece, Zara, was also pictured affectionately ruffling ten-year-old Prince George’s hair after the service.

Meanwhile, cousins Princess Charlotte, eight, and Mia shone as the next generation of helpful royals, lending a hand to Kate, 41, dressed in an Alexander McQueen coat, by taking flowers from her as she greeted crowds.

Mia’s sister Lena, five, walked behind the Wales’ holding hands with her mother Zara and father, former England rugby ace Mike. Her younger brother Lucas, two, stayed at home.

Holding hands with her mother, Princess Charlotte looked festive in a bottle green coat with her hair tied back into plaits as they made their way to the church service earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, George, walking solo, appeared very grown up in a smart suit. His father, William, also wore a matching suit.

Louis meanwhile held hands with both Prince William and Mia Tindall, the daughter of William’s cousin Zara.

The closeness of the cousins is no surprise, given the bond between Prince William and Zara, who were born just a year apart.

Zara was also once close with Prince Harry but it’s believed their relationship has cooled since Megxit.

While Princess Eugenie has a strong bond with Harry and Meghan and has enjoyed holidays with the couple since they left the UK, it’s understood that the Tindalls have not paid a visit to Montecito.

Earlier this year, the Prince of Wales revealed that Zara’s victory in equestrian eventing was the only occasion he’d been moved to tears while watching sports.

During the discussion at Windsor Castle, father-of-three William, 41, said: ‘The only time I’ve ever cried when watching sport was when Zara won I think it was the European championship.

The admission came earlier this month when he took part in The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, a podcast hosted by rugby stars including Zara’s husband Mike Tindall.

‘I was down in Exmoor at the time camping. We were all huddling around the phone watching it. She was there she was blubbing away the flag was going up. I was in pieces.’

Also taking part in the podcast, recorded at Windsor Castle, were William’s wife, Kate and Zara’s mother – Willaim’s aunt – Princess Anne, herself an accomplished equestrian.

Continuing the discussion, Kate said: ‘I can remember because you came back and said I’ve never been so proud of anyone.’

Their close bond comes as no surprise given that William, along with his brother Harry, were raised in Gloucestershire, just a few miles from where Zara and her brother Peter Phillips grew up.

The four royal cousins were often spotted chatting and joking at royal events.

William has previously revealed how it was ‘hard to keep a straight face’ when sitting opposite his cousins in church.

Born just 13 months apart, Zara was reportedly a great comfort to William after his mother Diana’s death in 1997.

Though she may not be a working royal and has experienced less media attention than William and Harry, the royal cousins have become protective of each other over time.

In a Channel 5 documentary, ‘Zara & Anne: Like Mother Like Daughter’, Victoria Arbiter said:

‘For William in particular, trust is everything so when you’ve got a cousin that understands what it is to be a member of the Royal Family, but they don’t have the same pressures associated with it, they can be a tower of strength and support.

‘It’s Zara’s loyalty and total dedication to her family that has made her such an asset to the cousins who have had to endure the negative side of royal life.’

Such is the closeness between the cousins they are all part of a WhatsApp group where they exchange messages on upcoming events and family news.

‘Me, my brother and then a few of Zara’s side like her brother Pete [Phillips] and the cousins are on WhatsApp groups,’ her husband Mike once revealed.

‘I wouldn’t say we’re cutting edge, but it’s just easier for some reason on WhatsApp.’

He added on a separate occasion: ‘It’s just what you do to try and set up get-togethers and we are going to something that is the same.

Mike Tindall and William may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the pair are often snapped sharing a joke at royal events – and can’t resist a hug when they see each other in public.

William, heir to the throne, was educated at Eton before completing his degree at St Andrews.

He prefers football to rugby, which was more his brother Harry’s sport.

Banker’s son Tindall attended Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, in Wakefield becoming a professional rugby player for Bath at the age of 18.

Yet the pair are also hands-on fathers and enjoy catching up at the polo or the races, where they often give each other warm greetings like the one caught on camera.

William and Mike have been photographed looking pally at several public engagements, with the ex-England rugby player going along to support the royal at polo matches in the past.

It’s clear the pair are on such good terms that Mike felt comfortable enough to poke fun at the future King in a recent podcast, saying he calls the heir to the throne ‘One Pint Willy’ because ‘he is not the best of drinkers’.

Both have also been with their wives for almost 20 years – Tindall was 25 when he and Zara were introduced at the 2003 World Cup. William and Kate met at university.

It appears as though Zara and Kate both get along nicely too, with there being many photos of the couples hanging out as a quad and the two mothers captured giggling away together or deep in conversation at events.

One touching moment between the duo was at the 2012 Olympics, when Kate was spotted waving enthusiastically at Zara, who won a Silver medal as part of the eventing team.

The Princess of Wales beamed with happiness as she walked to the service alongside her husband yesterday, ahead of the other members of the Royal Family.

She looked elegant in her festive get-up as she waved to the well-wishers who had travelled to Norfolk yesterday.

Prince Harry has remained in the US with Meghan and their two children Archie and Lilibet – despite recent hopes of a thaw in relations between King Charles and his youngest son.

The royal festivities usually start when everyone arrives on Christmas Eve. The family open presents, some of which are gag gifts – one of the Royal Family’s traditions.

The family then attend services at Saint Mary Magdalene Church on Christmas morning. Once they get home Christmas lunch is served, followed by afternoon games.

Last Christmas the royals experienced their biggest change for decades as they celebrated their first festive period without Queen Elizabeth II, who had passed away just a few months earlier.

The King and Queen, along with the Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, waved to well-wishers while attending a Christmas Eve service at the church on Sunday.

Royal Christmases traditionally feature the greeting of people outside the church, and a family lunch with turkey and all the trimmings.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh joined the rest of the royals on their way to the church. The Duchess of Edinburgh wore a bespoke version of the Claire Mischevani Kristen coat.