The View’s Joy Behar Gets Candid About Leaving The Show And Connecting With How Jason Kelce Feels About His NFL Exit: ‘I Will Miss My Friends’..

Kylie Kelce shared her thoughts on her husband's speech, calling it the


After weeks of rumors about Jason Kelce’s retirement from the NFL (which devastated Taylor Swift fans), March 4 saw Travis Kelce’s older brother give a press conference to announce the news to his fans. As with most important pop culture moments, the ladies of The View, opened up about his reveal, with Joy Behar getting candid about leaving the show and connecting with how the elder Kelce seems to feel about leaving the Philadelphia Eagles, noting that “I will miss my friends.”


The View’s Joy Behar Gets Candid About Leaving The Show And Connecting With How Jason Kelce Feels About His NFL Exit: ‘I Will Miss My Friends’..
While Jason Kelce’s hard work in the NFL for 13 seasons had already made him a household name to many, it was once his younger brother began dating the “All Too Well” singer that he became beloved by millions of Swifties (who really enjoyed Kelce shouting out Swift’s songs in his retirement speech). Now that he’s made his big life change official, The View co-hosts looked at his announcement and wondered about the decision, which clearly made the proud and playful girl dad emotional. They talked about why this move is probably hard for him, with Joy Behar adding:

Awwwww! This would likely be the case for many people when they move on from a job or location they’ve been attached to for over a decade. And, Behar has been a part of the panel on The View for far longer than Kelce has been a pro football center (though he’s played the game seriously for basically his entire life), seeing as how she started with the show way back in its first season in 1997, and has been a permanent co-host during most of that time.

It’s no secret that the hosts on this particular daytime talk show have sometimes had beef with one another, with Meghan McCain saying that an on-air comment from Behar led her to finally leave the show, and guest Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi noting how “mean” Behar had been to her in the past. But, for all of the rumored or real difficulties they might have behind the scenes sometimes, they are still close enough in their current configuration to have an infamous group chat and for Whoopi Goldberg to have attended the wedding of her fellow comedian/co-host, despite her not really liking such occasions.

So, it makes a lot of sense that Behar would have some feelings about leaving the show, and that they would mostly be about leaving the group she’s become close to, and not about leaving this aspect of her long-time career behind or being confused about what would come next for her professionally. As Sara Haines noted, however, while Kelce is understandably still in his feelings about retiring right now, there’s no reason to think he won’t be able to move on when he’s ready, especially since his family and all the Swifties have his back.