Travis Kelce’s Ex girlfriend,Kayla Nicole’s Pointed Message Seems to Be Aimed at Taylor Swift Fans…

Travis Kelce's Ex girlfriend,Kayla Nicole's Pointed Message Seems to Be Aimed at Taylor Swift Fans...


Travis Kelce’s ex girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, is sharing a pointed message via social media, and internet users seem to think she’s taking aim at Taylor Swift’s army of supporters amid the pop star’s relationship with the pro footballer.


Travis Kelce's Ex girlfriend,Kayla Nicole's Pointed Message Seems to Be Aimed at Taylor Swift Fans...
In a new TikTok video, the sports journalist took to social media to shut down haters with a comical voiceover clip, which she mouthed along to.

While sitting in a vehicle, she appeared on camera, rocking sunglasses, a black outfit and gold jewelry. “And to the rest of you… to the rest of you—the non-believers, the under-achievers, the tweet-and-deleters—you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam, honestly,” the voice said, as Kayla Nicole shot a dismayed look straight toward the camera.

“Look in my eyes. You guys wanna do something? That’s what I thought, no,” the recording went on, doubling down with, “Mmhm, that’s what I thought!”

She penned a caption with a straightforward message alongside the upload: “Fake page…cult following, keyboard warriors – maybe take the year off babe?”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was in a years-long relationship with the media personality between 2017 and 2022, when Kayla reportedly broke things off. She has since aimed to “prioritize her mental and physical health” following the “major breakup,” but has been thrust into the spotlight as of late, due to her previous romantic affiliation with the Catching Kelce alum amid his new dating situation.

Social media users in the comments section of the post took the video to mean she was speaking about Swifties, who she has been catching a wave of backlash from over the past few months.

“You cry about hate & ‘finding your peace’ but you allow cruel comments about taylor swift to stay on your ig and block anyone who dares defend her,” one wrote, while another agreed, suggesting she should “get over it.

On the other hand, some defended Kayla’s stance against Swift’s supporters, noting things like, “Taylor Swift fans are scary bro,” in part, and “She ain’t mention no names, but here yall go proving her point 😂.”

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out, “if you feel the need to respond in support of taylor swift, you’re exactly the target for this post. find a hobby guys.”