Watch: How Travis Kelce’s leftovers from his college days were “secretly” ruined by Jason Kelce…

Watch: How Travis Kelce's leftovers from his college days were


Jason Kelce Once pulled a heated prank on his family members. The prank wasn’t harmful-well, not really-and years later, his younger brother is able to laugh about it.


Watch: How Travis Kelce's leftovers from his college days were "secretly" ruined by Jason Kelce...
During the latest episode of the Kelce brothers’ podcast, New Heights, Travis Kelce, 34, recalled how a college-aged Jason, now 36, added powerful hot sauce to family leftovers, leaving those caught unaware panting and reaching for a beverage to douse the heat in their mouth.

While answering a question from one of their fans, Travis credited the Philadelphia Eagles center with being the one to introduce him to “world-record hot sauce.”

The fan had asked if Jason would consider going on Hot Ones, the YouTube show that invites celebrities on to chat while sampling increasingly spicy hot sauces.

“Jason made an online purchase in college to specifically ruin everyone’s leftovers,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said.

Jason “would secretly put hot sauce on all the leftovers in the fridge,” Travis continued, and would then watch his family members “be so confused when they ate their food for lunch the next day.” Travis said he specifically recalled trying to eat his own leftovers and feeling his mouth “on fire” as a result.

Meanwhile, Jason was “giggling” on the family couch nearby, Travis recalled.

Jason couldn’t remember precisely what hot sauce he ordered but said it was “designed to be as hot as possible.”

While he would “of course” accept an invitation to go on Hot Ones, Jason said he prefers hot sauces that focus more on taste than heat. “I really do enjoy hot sauces,” Jason said.

“But obviously, Hot Ones, once you start getting up there after a few of the sauces, they’re just designed not really for taste.” Even so, Jason said he thinks Hot Ones is “an awesome show” and believes it would “be fun to try it out.”

Travis, who appeared on Hot Ones years ago, said he would be open to returning. He identified maintaining a conversation while powering through the increasing spice levels as the most difficult part of the show.